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Friday, August 30, 2013

Tutu Alice Video

I have been trying to expand my social thumbprint, through Facebook Pages, Google Maps, this Blog and most recently, You Tube.  I personally don't visit You Tube very frequently, typically only when one of my kids wants to show me something "great".  Well, I've seen more and more product review videos, new clips, etc. that post on YouTube and decided to take the plunge.  Now for the disclaimer:  How I envisioned this video and how it actually turned out is a bit different.  But given my limited experience and equipment, I'm happy with it.  I have to thank my wonderful "Alice", who was more than happy to follow my directions as director.  I also would like to thank my crew: my son, who did the video taping on his iPhone; my youngest daughter and my son's friend, who helped with the props; and my husband, who heard numerous discussions about this video, from its inception to publication.   The point of this video is to showcase my line of tutus.  Every girl should have a tutu to dream, imagine and create a new world of wonder.  So go pop some popcorn and I hope you enjoy the show!  Here's the link if you'd like to watch a larger screen:

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