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Monday, June 10, 2013

Burp Cloths - 3rd Generation

I started making burp cloths many years ago, after my second child was born.  I actually began thinking about it while my first was still a baby, lamenting about how the diaper/burp cloth just looked like more laundry for me to do in my exhausted state.  I first used cloth diapers that I had purchased, embellishing the rough ends with nice fabrics and trim (Generation 1). 

These evolved to wider fabric edges and more exciting colors and fabrics.  Still, I wasn't satisfied with the store bought diaper.  After several washings, it would start to pill, never really folded well, etc.  So, along came Generation 2.  I started from scratch, making my own diaper from absorbent Birdseye diaper cloth, lined it with diaper flannel and I was off to the races.  It was very time consuming, but the product quality was much better and more versatile.  I used them extensively after my third baby was born, as a burp cloth, quick car seat blanket, or rolled as a head support in the motorized swing or bouncy seat.  I still make these burp cloths and they are as functional and pretty as ever!  

Given my desire to make something new, I started out making a wrapped voile burp cloth, quilted in a diamond pattern.  The fabrics I use are printed by Spoonflower, a wonderful company that prints any design you want on a variety of fabric options, with thousands of prints submitted by very talented individuals.  Really, quite impressive!  Again, this version is very time consuming, but quite lovely and very functional!  You can find them here on my website!  I currently sell them only in a bib and burp cloth set, but may sell them individually in the future.   Will there be a Gen 4?  Only time will tell!

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