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Saturday, August 11, 2012

An Essential Part of Every Meal...

Kids grow up fast these days.  Sometimes too fast.  At Barb Sweder Barrington, we can help with that.  We offer bibs for every stage of their eating development.  Our Infant Bib is perfect to cover their little chests when feeding them for the first time.  The wipeable oil cloth bibs tie in back and are great for new eaters.  When they get older and are more involved in the feeding process, in marches the Toddler Bib, just in time!  With a crumb catcher (or anything else for that matter) pocket, it's perfect to make sure that most of the food will either end up in their mouths, or in the pocket, and not on the floor (or in their laps)!  Just when they've figured out how to release the Velcro closure on the Toddler Bib, in races the Spaghetti Bib to save the day (and their clothes).  Our largest bib, it was designed to provide full coverage for those ambitious kids who want to feed themselves.  The bib ties in the back, so no Houdini acts at the table with a quick escape from the bib.  Like it's younger sibling, it has a larger crumb catcher pocket and provides full coverage of your ever growing child.  All bibs come in a variety of colors and can easily be cleaned with the swipe of a wet cloth.  They can even be thrown in the washer (no dryer, please).  Which ever bib you choose, it will be an essential part of every meal.  Bon app├ętit!

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