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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Joy of a Walking Foot

I have been wanting to buy a walking foot for my machine for several years, but given the expense, continued to postponed the purchase.  A walking foot is a foot that has two "feeder" feet that push the fabric evenly under the foot as the feed dogs push the fabric from underneath.  What you get is perfectly matched upper and lower fabrics sewn together, no puckering, no half an inch of extra top fabric at the end of your seam.  The walking foot is the greatest invention next to the microwave, in my opinion.  What makes this investment even better, is that Bernina was having a sale on walking feet when I went to buy one, so I was even happier with my purchase!!  Since my acquisition, I have been sewing up voile quilts like there is no tomorrow.  My arms hurt, but the discomfort is worth it when I see the beautiful finished product.  Now I spend my days dreaming up more variations and deciding that the kids (at least the girls) could all use another blanket....  If you are sitting on the fence about making the investment, I can tell you that it is totally worth it and it will become your favorite foot attachment!  Enjoy!

These quilts will be up on my website in the next few days.  The perfect throw blanket for the cold winter months!

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