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Saturday, April 7, 2012

One Done, One to Go!- Follow up to March 5 Post

Well, I've finished the top half of what I hope will be a beautiful outfit for some little girl.  This sweater has been transformed from two skeins of Skein Yarn, in Fig.  It's a beautiful, soft and fluid yarn, made from merino wool and cashmere.  I can't say enough about this yarn.  It was such a pleasure to knit with and I will definitely be making more sweaters in the future using this yarn.  The edging on the ruffled collar is from Handmaiden, a silk and seacell yarn--nice sheen and draws out the subtle golden tones in the main sweater.  It's likely a size 6-8 (little girls) and has dyed shell buttons.  Now, just to make the perfect skirt or dress to match!  (Hint:  it will have a border of gold at the hemline to match the sweater- Perfect!)  Stay tuned!

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